Cap badges


Nco/enlisted badge. We have two sizes: 2,4 cm star for berets and sidecaps; 3,4 cm star for panamas and "basco" (tank troops). And it's a low visibility type (green), too.

Old nco/enlisted star (50's)

Nco/enlisted badge. for parade cap, para beret (basco) army/navy colback.

Navy infantry badge for black beret. Dismissed in 1988.

Officer cockard for service cap, sidecap, beret, colback and papakha.

Air force officer cockard for parade/service cap (even NCO's), sidecap, berer and, only lower badge, on colback and papakha.
It's used by para troops, nco's and enlisted men (colback).

Officer navy badge for parade/service cap, sidecap, basco and colback.

Parade cap badge for army and air force officer.

Cap badge for army and air force general. For service cap; only cockard for sidecap, beret, colback and papakha.

Parade cap badge for general.

Parade cap badge for air force general.

Cap badge for air force officer; for colback and papakha.

Admiral cap badge for service cap, sidecap, colback.

Kremlin guards badge (post-soviet model).

Special guards badge.


Badge for sidecap, female colback

Officer badge

Procurator badge

Badge for policeman and Nco.

Officers hat badge.
Police helmet badge (escort)


Vokhr (militarized guards) badges. Left new 1982 type model, right older type.

Pioneer's sidecap stars

Civil fleet



Aeroflot (civil aviation)


Technical schools

Customs officer (winter badge) - 1975

Customs officer - 1987

Ministry of communications

Ministry of Forests - officer

Ministry of Forests


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